Where’s it Going to Land?

c jSan Gabriel – On a slow day at New Kingswood Tapen Steak House the chef performed like he was in front of thirty people. With film I wasn’t able to get any of the flashy knife chops that usually come with these type of shows. Instead it’s a bit quiet here, modest. After he finished serving he sat down two tables over and ate his lunch.

MorYork 2014

abClare Graham and Bob Breen own a warehouse filled with odds and ends. It’s part gallery space, part living muse called MorYork on York Boulevard. Graham is a craftsman who creates intricate installation pieces with reclaimed materials and though the materials may often appear simple, like a bundle of rope, the end product is complex. I had the fortune of photographing the Highland Park space as part of Graham’s solo show at the Craft and Folk Art Museum. I visited the space three times try and capture what makes the gallery so unique. It’s a visual overload, the type of setting that H.P. Lovecraft would have had a cup of tea. Nothing compares to actually visiting MorYork. There’s a book now with my name on the cover. It’s 92 pages long with images. These are some of the images you will find in said book. There’s a picture of me too, but it’s out of focus. Very Blonde on Blonde.mor york book covercd